I love the sleep after finishing an event

So the crazy time of the year is finally over. And THANK GOD. I was sleep deprived and constantly angry at stupid people.

So now its the post-event time and the office is perfect – its quiet and everyone’s not really doing work. I’m selecting pictures of the event for publications and I realise I can never ever find my picture, its like I was never there. But I found myself below. BOO-YAH!

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.37.57 PM.png


Sneak peak – Wedding Pictures

IMG_9151IMG_9203   IMG_9458IMG_9303IMG_9537

My baby boy’s batman birthday!





Batman had to figure out what was a quill mid-party


More to come!

OMG!! He’s walking! …kinda

He’s been cruising for awhile, mostly its crawling, he’s very good at crawling and he knows it. So whenever we practice walking, once he gets bored or lazy he just squats down and his legs turn into jelly that refuse to stand. 

He’s been standing on his own for weeks now, but Hamza tonight has taken his first few steps all on his own without holding onto anything. I’m so proud of him! We try not to startle him by clapping or loudly rooting him on, but its like he knows he’s going to get an applause, so he starts to shimmy and dance and then he lands on his butt again. 

My baby is growing up, a year ago he was using those legs to kick my bladder and now they’re taking tiny baby steps.


Superhero Birthday Costumes

Hamza birthday is this Friday 🙂 we are having a small birthday party on Saturday. It is superhero themed.

He’s gonna be Batman.


I’ve decided to be his Robin.


Daddy doesnt know what he wants to be because he knows too many comic book characters. So he’s changed his mind like 20 times.

We diy both our costumes, we just cut out felt. I’m gonna sew it onto his black onesie later. I think I’m gonna buy a yellow belt. I don’t have time to sew too many things.

The comeback of Auntie flow

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I got my period today.  I went for the company retreat in Vietnam over the weekend. I thought I had time to pump in between our tour activities, but we kept showing up late to the hotel to take a break that they just went straight to the next activity. So no pumping.

It sucked.

So my body assumed I was weaning. I’m exhausted, I couldn’t even go to work today.

I was planning to bf for 1 year. He’s turning 1 in a few weeks, so atleast I partially accomplished that.

I’ve forgotten how horrible they were.

It was mumu birthday on Monday. I got him a graphic tablet, he’s very excited about it.


Vietnam and birthdays

So I’m heading to the airport to go to Vietnam. Leaving Hamza always makes me nervous.

Yesterday was my birthday, Mumu surprised me by bringing Hamza to klcc after work, best present ever.

Hamza has been the greatest gift, he’s just so happy and beautiful. If I have ever felt worthless or inadequate, I know that I have the Lil boy who thinks the world of me and I’m more than I’ve ever believed I was. He makes me feel invincible.

Is that what being a parent is about? This incredible happiness I can feel not only in my heart but in my toes and the tips of my eyelashes.

I was saying goodbye to him and telling him to be a good boy for daddy, mommy will be back real soon. Hamza didn’t know what was happening since he was half asleep. Babbling back to me. I wish I recorded it, his intonation on baby words are exactly how I speak.

Aww man, I miss him already.