Kuala Lumpur Bird Park


We went to the KL Bird park the other weekend. So many gorgeous birds and the weather was hot and humid. We enjoyed it, we went with our friends and their kids, their kids were toddlers, so I think they had a lot more running around than us.

We put Hamza in the Boba 3g and wandered around. I think Hamza enjoyed the park, but I don’t think he realised there were birds. Maybe when he’s older we’ll take him around. I was willing to go for several more hours as I’ve never been there before but I think my friends’ kids were all tuckered out, so we had to leave after 2 hours.

I felt like I didn’t get my money’s worth as its around 45 bucks for foreigners and only 22 bucks for locals. I’m not a local and neither is Mumu, so yes, I would’ve explored twice as much.

IMG_4135IMG_4110 IMG_4181 IMG_4259 IMG_4277

lunch with birdies



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