Vlogging is hard without any pants on

I wanted to start vlogging with Hamza and Mumu. 

The problem is, when I get home, I immediately go pantless. Actually, we all strip down, including Hamza, so I’m not sure how comfortable people would be watching us in our underwear. I use to wear pajamas when I was living with other people, now I don’t even bother. If I could, I would be without pants all day everyday. But I usually have to go out in public, to work and the grocery store, unfortunately that requires bottoms.

I think at first Mumu thought it was weird, but he soon realised the joy I was experiencing and joined me in the pantless party. 

Anyways, hopefully in the next year I can learn how to edit videos and put on some pants.


Mumu gave my baby a moustache and intense eyebrows, I have no idea how we entertained ourselves before Hamza came along. 


4 responses to “Vlogging is hard without any pants on

  1. good one…….twins ah………..

  2. Excellent 🙂 It sounds like fun – I should try that. 🙂 Great photo 🙂

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