Wedding update #5 Darn doorgifts

God, I’m terrible at these updates.

I’m starting to feel like this is no longer mine or Mumu’s wedding. (I probably felt like that from the very beginning and Mumu’s starting to see what I mean). So we got these pretty brooches for wedding, his mom wanted to give them out as wedding favors, we got them for a really good deal at a shop called Mydin. I think less than RM2 each, which is like 60 cents. We’re trying to save where we can (new baby and all), and we were really happy that we accomplished that, we were so scared that we had to spend RM800 on gifts for people we barely know. They’re not the big humongous brooches, they’re medium sized, hence the great price.

Well, apparently, his mother thinks they’re too small and it looks like they’re total absolute waste because now we have to go out and buy more brooches. I’m not going, its ridiculous. Who wears brooches anyways? She told Mumu its her friends, she wants them to have big brooches. The thing is, we cant return the medium sized ones because they’re not refundable (Malaysia is not customer friendly). And we missed the window to send over things to that region without paying for postage since my coworkers were heading that direction for a few days this week.

My family can’t even come šŸ˜¦ I wish Mumu’s family at least consulted me on the date of wedding, so I could’ve seen what was a good time for my family. But my family is full of kids who still go to Elementary, Jr High and community college and my mom is a teacher. They can’t just skip the last 2 weeks of school. My sister has finals and my mom has students. Its not going to happen. So Mumu broke it down to his mom that no one is coming from my side and none of our friends can afford it, especially with only 6 month notice.

So now, I think she realises that the date selected doesn’t fit our life schedule. For instance, Mumu has to work extra days because his fiscal work year starts in July. So he currently has a few vacation days from now till July. The wedding is in June, he’ll probably have to request for unpaid leave and they’ll cut it out of his salary.

This isn’t how I pictured my wedding, I wanted simple and special to us. I like small wedding, I did

I help make invitation and holiday cards all year long for my organisation, and I love it. I get really into the paper texture and printing specs, fonts and color combos. Its sad but I haven’t even begun to look at wedding invitations, something that comes naturally to me, I don’t have the heart to do.


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