Vietnam and birthdays

So I’m heading to the airport to go to Vietnam. Leaving Hamza always makes me nervous.

Yesterday was my birthday, Mumu surprised me by bringing Hamza to klcc after work, best present ever.

Hamza has been the greatest gift, he’s just so happy and beautiful. If I have ever felt worthless or inadequate, I know that I have the Lil boy who thinks the world of me and I’m more than I’ve ever believed I was. He makes me feel invincible.

Is that what being a parent is about? This incredible happiness I can feel not only in my heart but in my toes and the tips of my eyelashes.

I was saying goodbye to him and telling him to be a good boy for daddy, mommy will be back real soon. Hamza didn’t know what was happening since he was half asleep. Babbling back to me. I wish I recorded it, his intonation on baby words are exactly how I speak.

Aww man, I miss him already.





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