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OMG!! He’s walking! …kinda

He’s been cruising for awhile, mostly its crawling, he’s very good at crawling and he knows it. So whenever we practice walking, once he gets bored or lazy he just squats down and his legs turn into jelly that refuse to stand. 

He’s been standing on his own for weeks now, but Hamza tonight has taken his first few steps all on his own without holding onto anything. I’m so proud of him! We try not to startle him by clapping or loudly rooting him on, but its like he knows he’s going to get an applause, so he starts to shimmy and dance and then he lands on his butt again. 

My baby is growing up, a year ago he was using those legs to kick my bladder and now they’re taking tiny baby steps.



Vlogging is hard without any pants on

I wanted to start vlogging with Hamza and Mumu. 

The problem is, when I get home, I immediately go pantless. Actually, we all strip down, including Hamza, so I’m not sure how comfortable people would be watching us in our underwear. I use to wear pajamas when I was living with other people, now I don’t even bother. If I could, I would be without pants all day everyday. But I usually have to go out in public, to work and the grocery store, unfortunately that requires bottoms.

I think at first Mumu thought it was weird, but he soon realised the joy I was experiencing and joined me in the pantless party. 

Anyways, hopefully in the next year I can learn how to edit videos and put on some pants.


Mumu gave my baby a moustache and intense eyebrows, I have no idea how we entertained ourselves before Hamza came along. 

He’s standing…lord help me



Everyone I know is so excited for Hamza to walk. I’m hoping that he can chill and crawl for a bit more before he attacks everyone with his running around. He already crawls with amazing speed. Him on two legs sounds tiring…for mommy.


2014 – New Adventures

Its only January 3rd and I already know this year is going to be crazy. Besides raising a blasian baby in Malaysia, we’re finally going to have a wedding. 

Mumu’s mom wants a reception, she really REALLY wants wedding. She’s going to plan everything, venue, food, etc, I have been given the power to choose my own wedding dresses (yes, 2 dresses because it’s a 2 day event) and my own invitation cards (I print thousands of cards for work, Mumu told her that we would handle the invitations).

So we’re going to Tanzania in June. I’m not a fan of weddings, especially big weddings. Mumu loves big weddings. When I was a kid, I thought they were the most boring things in the whole world. Too crowded and no fun (super conservative Asian weddings have no dancing or life). You just sit, eat and leave.

I’m not trying to sound negative but honestly, it hasn’t hit me yet. This is the first time I’ll have ever met Mumu’s family in this huge of a capacity. And I’m trying not to be a control freak or anything remotely like it because I work for an events company, we spend a lot of time getting perfection in the nitty gritty and I’m very good at forcing everyone to follow the perfection. I know that I won’t have any control over this, that makes me nervous, so I don’t want to have extremely high expectations.

So I don’t sound like a complete party pooper, I am excited because I get to meet the rest of his family and they can meet Hamza. Hamza should be walking/running by then, so he’ll be a handful! And Mumu said we’ll go see the animals, I don’t know if we have time for a Safari. 

So we shall be preparing for the wedding and I’ll try to update on it.



2 Teeth Terror

2 Teeth Terror

7 months
He’s already crawling, its driving me crazy.

Mohawk baby!


Have you ever seen a cooler baby?!?

Yeah we shaved his hair today after Mumu came back from work. Of course we had to give him a mohawk! I had to feed him while he was getting his haircut, it was the only way to get him to stay still.

Now he’s clean shaven. I already miss his long straight hair. Im use to petting him like a bunny, I swear his hair was so luxurious!

All that hair!

He looks Odd bald, but it’s okay it’s supposed to grow back evenly and thicker if you shave your baby. Plus now his curls will come in! And we’ll finally see some African in our baby!

But for now….he’s bald.


Boba 3G baby carrier

We just got a new baby carrier for Hamza. I’ve worn him twice today and he has fallen asleep both times. I’m really excited to take him out and explore the world. I’ll write a longer review on it later. So I’ve been walking around the house kangaroo style, it’s pretty comfy but I have no idea how it’ll be against Malaysian weather. I think I’ll go around KL baby wearing just to test it out.

Apologies for any spelling errors or weirdness in this post. I’m using my iPhone on WordPress and it sucks. Like the autocorrect is all off and it keeps stringing words together. And I can’t go back and fix the mistakes They should really have a good app for bloggers. I’m not on my Mac because my hamza is sleeping on top of me. I took off the carrier but he thinks I’m a bed